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My cat Luna: Paws down the cutest psychopath you’ll ever met


High up in the attic, there’s a stranger with a mirror,

I can see the acid leaching from her eyes.

I had followed her for seasons, I presume I had my reasons.

Until the day I figured her disguise.

Still, she stands and smiles, crying crocodile wiles,

Her words are running rings around my head.

For once upon a time, she said, that I would paint the world with lead.

And that was the beginning of her lies.

He said she stirred the clouds into my coffee.

Molybdenum the arrow in the quiver.

He said he poured the salt into my toffee.

The tale was enough to make me shiver.

High up in the attic, there’s a Demon calling treason,

They says I am a blight upon the Earth!

And once upon a time, they said, because of me, all hope was dead.

Because of me, they’d never end the curse.